Party Magician For Adults

Party Magician For Adults

Our party magician for adults make use of years of experience and skills to deliver high-end performances for all ages and event styles. Using a combination of sleight of hand, fire, live animals, mind-reading demonstrations, comedy, and music, our magician will have all your guests intrigued. To raise the level of entertainment at your party, modern magic, illusion, and mind reading bring a different twist of entertainment your guests won’t expect. Our director and magician, Michael Wilkop, is a trained actor and uses his charismatic charm to captivate his audiences from the beginning. Through our years of experience in the business, we have refined our skills and capabilities to provide entertainment for several types of events and ages. Our party magician for adults can be used for birthdays, weddings, hen’s nights, community events, restaurants, fairs and festivals, professional events and parties and networking events.

Party Magician For Adults

Entertainment For Adults

These are the services we offer in addition to our party magician for adults.

  • Party Telegrams: Available in 15-30 minute packages. Including comical intro, routine to the song, recital of the personalised poem, interactive final song routine, presentation of the poem and story and photo opportunities.
  • MC & Comperes: Our professional and experienced comperes can host your event, engaging and matching the audience.
  • DJs & Live Music: Music is an important part of every event, we have a wide range of music on offer through our network of DJs, bands and solo artists.
  • Dial-A-Prank: Our prank artists deliver an amusing, yet harmless twist to your event. Performing an interactive prank from a variety of scenarios.
  • Comedy: Comedy can be used as a way to break up your event and add an element to lighten the mood for every sense of humour.

Use Bring Me Magic For Your Next Event

During our fifteen years in the business, we have been refining our entertainment style for a broad range of services including party magician for adults. We adapt our performances to meet both kids and adult entertainment. Our director, Michael Wilkop, was an acting coach and creative director at the performing arts school, TYPE talent. He then decided to use his skills to provide high-end entertainment by training talented performers in South Australia. We follow pop-culture and latest trends to adapt our performances to deliver a fun and modern performance. Our entertainment range is suitable for any budget, so that everyone can experience our party magician for adults. We tailor bookings to ensure that our entertainment is suitable and enjoyable for all ages. With the option of mix and matching your desired services to guarantee all your guests will have a great time.

Whether you are hosting a birthday party or a wedding, our party magician for adults brings an element of entertainment you won’t find elsewhere. To get a quote or make a booking contact our team on 0416 639 855 or make an online enquiry.

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