How to Plan Kids’ Birthday Parties in Adelaide

How to Plan Kids’ Birthday Parties in Adelaide

How to Plan Kids’ Birthday Parties in Adelaide

It’s always exciting to have kids’ birthday parties in Adelaide. The celebration itself gives adults a sense of youthfulness and often brings us back to our childhood memories. However, before it gets fun, the stress of organising and planning a party is what you experience first. That’s why we have put together a list to make sure you don’t miss anything and do not become too stressed.

1. Party Theme

A crucial element because it will define almost everything that follows. You can decide for your child but if they can already express his or her preferences, it’s best to base the theme on their choice.

2. Budget

Deciding how much you want to spend will allow you to plan more efficiently. You can prioritise which is more important and worth the splurge or not. To make the celebration special, having an Adelaide children’s entertainment professional is a good option. Consider magicians, clowns and activities for the children. Remember that organising a great children’s party doesn’t have to be too expensive.

3. Date, Venue and Guests

Set the date and find a venue that is accessible for guests if you’re not doing it at home. The guest list is another vital element as well, as it will define how much food you should prepare. Confirm their presence ahead of time so you can have an estimate of how much food to order or make.

4. Plan Your Food Course

Are you going to do all the cooking, hire a caterer, or purchase party trays? We suggest you choose either hiring a caterer or purchasing party trays so you can have more energy on the actual celebration. 

5. Birthday Cake

Of course, one of the highlights of the celebration is the candle blowing so make sure the cake reflects the theme of the party, the personality of your child and is delicious. You can try a lot of innovations as well, such as surprise cakes. 

6. Decorate the Venue

You can DIY the decorations for your venue and get inspiration from Pinterest. Another option is hiring an event stylist, which is less cost-effective but will save you time and energy. Whichever you choose, the decorations depend on the theme you have for the party.

7. Fun Activities

There are activities that are flexible regardless of the theme. You can set up a bounce castle or art materials to keep the children entertained.

8. Program Flow

Some may think it’s unnecessary to have a proper program flow but it’s nice to create one to achieve a well-organised and fluid celebration. Set a start time, eating time, playtime, showtime etc. By doing so, you’ll avoid chaotic scenes of running children in stained shirts. In addition to that, you might also want to hire party hosts in Adelaide to keep the party alive and have someone who can call everyone’s attention. 

9. Birthday Present

Well, this is obvious but don’t forget to buy a present and wrap it with a cute gift tag.

10. Send Invites

When everything’s set, you can start sending invitations to your guests!

Are you ready to have fun? Don’t hesitate to call us for any of your kids’ party needs!

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