How To Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday This Pandemic!

The onset of the pandemic has been hard, not just for working professionals, but for kids as well! While technology can provide a different level...

The onset of the pandemic has been hard, not just for working professionals, but for kids as well! While technology can provide a different level of entertainment, gift baskets for kids can offer more visual and auditory interaction between their siblings and parents. There are a lot of birthday celebrations that could have been more fun if not for the current situation we are in. Not to mention, how kids miss playing with their usual playmates and classmates. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep their birthdays interesting and their days away from boredom. So, if you’re looking for some new ideas, here are some ideas of how you can do so.

1. Give Toy Baskets

At Bring Me Magic, we are offering toy baskets which encourage play time outside of electronic device use, but also allow for a special gift during current circumstances. Much like a flower delivery operates for adults, we can drop a toy basket to their door, but we do a unique difference. Whether your child likes fairies, pirates, or superheroes we can have their favourite character visit and drop it to their door. We will also ensure to make each present unique, tailored to your child’s special interest! So, if you’re in a locked down area, or perhaps you can’t visit your child or grandchild – create a special memory with a toy basket delivery! 

Prices for gift baskets start at $90 + GST, therefore, speak to our team about organising your special delivery today!

2. Organise A Themed Party

Is your kid fond of outer space? Perhaps the ocean? Or maybe the a wild animals in a safari? Whichever your child is interested in, you can bring them somewhere without sacrificing your safety — by transforming your home! There’s nothing hard with throwing a themed party, all you need to do is let your imagination run wild. Besides, it could be a great opportunity to bond with family members as well. Creativity, interaction, and physical activity are encouraged when opting for themed parties. You can also invite few of their friends with whom you are confident with them adbiding by safety practices. To be extra careful, you could also have them tested before letting them come over for the party.

3. Hire A Kids Magician In Adelaide

Take your child into a mystical world by hiring magicians in Adelaide. This is a classic yet a never gets old feat for kids. They will surely love it for the twists and will definitely leave them in awe. More than the fun, magicians will surely leave your child more curious about the world, therefore, triggering more cognitive and visual activity. Not to mention, how adults will be entertained too. It’s hassle-free allowing you to enjoy and create memories. If you’re conscious about the safety, you may require a negative COVID-19 test result from your hired magician. 

Let’s get the party started with Bring Me Magic’s amazing gift baskets for kids and affordable magicians services in Adelaide!


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