How Long Should a Children’s Magic Show Last?

Magicians in Adelaide will tell you that there is no one way to design a show for kids, so the best advice is to choose how long you want it to...

Magicians in Adelaide will tell you that there is no one way to design a show for kids, so the best advice is to choose how long you want it to be. A children’s magic show can last for as little as 10 minutes, or up to one hour.

Most children’s magicians put together a 45 minute-hour long show. This allows time for sound system checks, costume changes, and audience participation before the grand finale. Some magicians that are seasoned veterans have been known to perform 90-minute shows for children.

When it comes to Adelaide children’s entertainment, particularly magic shows, 45 minutes is the most common amount of time. However, this can be adjusted to fit your schedule and budget. Children will enjoy anywhere from 10-90 minutes of entertainment. The magician will know if their attention starts to wane. To be on the safe side, they’ll add another trick or two before closing with a big finale.

Children’s Attention Span and Magic Show Duration

This is a question that every children’s magician in Adelaide gets asked all the time. It’s also one of the harder questions to answer. People want to know how long their shows should be, but we can’t give them an exact number because kids’ attention spans vary so much. So, while you’re planning your show, keep in mind that pacing is everything.

Every audience is different, and every child has a slightly different attention span, but if kids are starting to squirm or get distracted, it’s probably time to ask the magician to end the show. Kids aged 4-7 will enjoy about 10 to 30 minutes of entertainment. If you’re hiring for a full magic show with tricks and props, this might be a good time to ask the magician to perform tricks that are a bit longer.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a child in the audience volunteer (or maybe the magician could call on someone?). The magician will ask them some questions or show them a card trick.

Consider the Age of the Children When Finalizing the Magic Show’s Length

Will the kid’s magician in Adelaide you hire be performing for a group of 2-year-olds or 8-year-olds? If they will all be of different ages, expect different attention spans. A show that’s too short for the older kids might feel like forever to the smaller children, while a show that’s too long for the young ones could easily make them get fidgety or restless.

A good rule of thumb is to allow one minute for every year of the child’s age (a two-year-old would get a two-minute show, an eight-year-old would get an eight-minute show). Are you planning for your child’s upcoming party? Look no further and choose our magician from Bring Me Magic. We guarantee you that our shows will be both enjoyed by kids and adults. Call us today for more information!


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