Events and Kiddie Party Rentals You Shouldn’t Miss

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Events and Kiddie Party Rentals You Shouldn’t Miss

A fun-filled kiddie party will not be complete without the right rental services and equipment. Whether it’s for a professional event or a kiddie party, there are a lot of options you can choose to upgrade the experience of all attendees. If you’re wondering which rentals to choose, here are a few of the services and equipment that have been proven to provide exciting energy to everyone at the party.

1. Popcorn Machine

Popcorn is often the go-to snack while watching movies, TV shows, sports or just about anything but can also be perfect for any kind of event. That’s why getting a popcorn machinehire in Adelaide will always be a good decision. This snack is famous not just in kiddie parties but also in other affairs such as festivals, school events, fairs, conferences and more. The smell of popping popcorn reminds everyone of fun, youth and excitement. This, along with its easy to carry feature are among the reasons why popcorn machines will never go out of trend. It’s a tasty snack loved and enjoyed by everyone regardless of age.

2. Fairy Floss Machine

A kiddie party or any fun event won’t be complete without an element of a sugar rush. Cotton candy or fairy floss machine hire in Adelaide is another staple sugary snack loved by kids and young at heart. True to its name, it is made from spun sugar that resembles fluffy cotton or thread-like fibres. It often comes with a wooden stick and is perfect for themed parties, festivals, carnivals, and more.

3. Magicians

Magicians in Adelaide are also one of the most awaited feats of a kiddie party. Not to mention, how they can also be part of themed celebrations for companies and other events. Magicians are more than just illusionists, instead, they are performers that bring entertainment that is hard to match. This makes them yet another staple factor into any party. Whether young or old, you will still be amazed by their tricks and will certainly enjoy the time they are on stage.

4. Inflatables

If you want to give your child the most fun and playful birthday party, then renting inflatables is a must. Bounce castles are great to keep the children busy while ensuring they’re safe. For adult events or corporate affairs, having inflatable obstacles are best to promote camaraderie and ultimately, have fun! Besides, professionals need a breather too and having fun games will always be a good option.

5. Foam Machine

Whether it’s for a kiddie, a teen party or a social’s night, having a foam machine can upgrade the experience for everyone. Renting this equipment is fun but will not leave any mess. Most importantly, it will also create an extraordinary and unforgettable time for you and your guests which is perfect if you’re aiming to give them a wonderful time spent.

Our Bring Me Magic team can surely provide the elite entertainment fit for any upcoming event. Contact us to book our rental equipment and services.

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